Storage Task

Storage task represents a single file upload.

let task = storage.ref('hello').put({
  type: 'data',
  data: file,
  metadata: {
    contentType: file.type
await task;
task.isCompleted // → true

Task is promise-like but also exposes promise property. There is no difference which is awaited for.

Promise methods:

  • then(resolve, reject)
  • catch(err)
  • finally(fn)

type → String

Returns upload file type: string or data.

ref → StorageReference

Returns a storage reference associated with this task.

State properties

  • isRunningBoolean
  • isCompletedBoollean
  • isErrorBoolean
  • errorError
  • bytesTransferredNumber
  • totalBytesNumber
  • percentNumber

promise → Promise

Returns a promise which resolves when file is finished uploading.

serialized → Object

Returns json representation of most important storage task properties.

Useful for debugging.