ember installĀ ember-cli-zuglet
Ember.js addon for effortless Firebase integration.

It aims to be a complete solution for easy to use and productive integration of Firebase services into Ember.js apps.


Ember.js is an amazing web framework, together with ember-cli it let's you start building your app in no time.

With Firestore you can store and retrieve documents without writing any server-side code. Cloud Storage lets you upload files, manage metadata. Just add security rules.

And for cases when you actually want to do something on the server side, use Firebase Cloud Functions.

$ ember install ember-cli-zuglet

and provide your Firebase project configuration in app/store.js.


Cloud Firestore

  • Query, load, save and delete documents
  • Document and query change observation
  • Supports and encourages to use Firestore local persistence
  • Exposes distingtion between document change observation and explicit loading
  • Stateful documents

Save Firestore document

// create new document
let doc = store.doc('messages/first').new();

// set document.data properties
  author: 'Kurt Vonnegut',
  text: 'To whom it may concern: It is springtime. It is late afternoon.'

// save the document
await doc.save();

// check out the doc
doc.serialized // => { id: 'first', isSaved: true, ..., data: { author ...

Load Firestore document

let doc = await store.doc('message/first').load();

Query Firestore documents

let messages = store.collection('message');
let query = messages.where('author', 'Kurt Vonnegut').query();

await query.load();

query.content // [ doc, ... ]
query.isLoaded // => true

Query single Firestore document

let messages = store.collection('message');
let query = messages.orderBy('created_at', 'desc').query({ type: 'first' });

await query.load();

query.content // doc

Observe Firestore document or query

let doc = store.doc('message/first').existing();
let observer = doc.observe();

doc.data // Ember objects for easy observation

// later
let query = store.collection('messages').query();
let observer = query.observe();

query.content // => [ doc, ... ]

// later

Cloud Storage

  • Upload files
  • Manage file metadata
  • Retrieve file download URLs

Upload a file to Cloud Storage

let task = store.storage.ref('images/first').put({
  type: 'data',
  data: file,
  metadata: {
    contentType: file.type,
    customMetadata: {
      originalFilename: file.name

await task.promise;

task.percent // => 100
task.isCompleted // => true

Firebase Authentication

  • Sign-up users
  • Sign-in users
  • Retrieve current user
  • Load related data on authentication events
let auth = this.store.auth;
await auth.signOut();
let auth = this.store.auth;
let email = auth.methods.email;

let user = await email.signUp(props.email, props.password);
let auth = this.store.auth;
let email = auth.methods.email;

let user = await email.signIn(props.email, props.password);

Cloud Functions

Lets you call Firebase Cloud Functions.

Models and Lifecycle Management

Use models in routes and components to encapsulate documents and queries with lifecycle management for change observation.

Models can optionally be declared inline (like in the following example).

import { observed, route } from 'ember-cli-zuglet/lifecycle';

export default Route.extend({

  // creates inline model which is instantiated on route access,
  // destroyed when app transitions out from this route
  model: route().inline({

    // observe whatver is set to (document or query)
    post: observed(),

    title: readOnly('post.data.title'),
    body:  readOnly('post.data.body'),

    prepare(route, { post_id }) {
      // create a document
      let ref = this.store.collection('posts').doc(post_id);
      let post = ref.existing();

      // set it to `observed` so that it starts observing this document
      this.setProperties({ post });

      // wait for cached or server response
      return post.observers.promise;




Supports server-side rendering with FastBoot


This addon is built and maintained by Arnis Vuskans, contact me at ampatspell@gmail.com for Ember.js and Firebase consulting.